Semidedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated web hosting’s resource limits are way higher than our kárman plans. This plans are choosen by the clients who have frequent blocks due to high resources consumption, or who needs an high performance service for his website.

To be able to provide high performances we use servers with 64Gb of RAM and SSD disks. If you want a fast and stable website this plans are the right choice for you.

Not sure about which plan is right for you? No problem, you can upgrade or downgrade at any moment, you’ll only pay the difference when you upgrade and we’ll credit the difference if you downgrade. There is no downtime during the operation. If you need more space contact us for a custom solution.

Not sure this is the right plan for your needs?

Try it for free before buying, no obligation!

Try our Kárman SSD3 for free with no obligation for 7 days. You’ll notice a great improvement in the speed of your website!

Kárman SSD1Kárman SSD2Kárman SSD3
DomainsUnlimited DomainsUnlimited DomainsUnlimited Domains
Domain included
Disk Space1500MB4500MB10000MB
Free SSL Certificate
cPanel Control Panel
Linux Server
Free Activation
Instant Activation
MySQL DatabasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
IMAP emails
No contract
satisfaction Guaranteed30 Days30 Days30 Days
Guaranteed SupportBefore 8 hours GuaranteedBefore 8 hours GuaranteedBefore 8 hours Guaranteed
Phone support
Online FileManager
SSL Support
Configurable .htaccess
Configurable php.ini
4.69 /month*7.75 /month*19.97 /month*

*Prices reflect discount based on triennial payment terms

*VAT and taxes included in price